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Styles from the 1980s

Long Styles - Page 1

Long hair of course remained popular in 1980s. Well, when it's long and in great condition it is timeless - and, it may sadden me to say this, is keepable :-) Fortunately the feathered long hair (as exemplified by Farrah Fawcett) was left behind in the 1970s. The main changes we saw were textured crowns and even clipped sides ... both in "Street Fashion" from the dying Punk influenced styles (remember London's Antenna salon, who also introduced us to extensions ... phew, I do!) to the more commercial looks (remember UK TV's Sarah Greene ... phwoar, I do, and she still sports great hair!). Layered long hair was still around but with more solid lines (i.e. less mulletty!) and of course it was also permed. But from the piccies below, when it was done well it looked really good ... and when it was done badly it looked really like a poodle!