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Time for Some Action

Two very happy stylists, and one somewhat bemused client having the finishing touches put to a her nice red crop. "There madam don't you feel so much better having had all that mass of hair clippered off." Don't you wish you had seen the action? Well what follows is some action - mainly clipper action - and plenty of it ...

Yeah, clippers are great at cutting any nape down to size, whether if it is for a high fashion commercial style ... or even if the lady has just too much damn hair! "OK, we'll give you some style on the top but all of this lot is coming right off.... right now!"

Who needs clipper guards anyway? "Number 2 not short enough madam. Very well hold it right there!"

"Yes I know it's short, but not quite short enough". The clippers are coming, the clippers are coming!

"You didn't really want all those thick blonde waves did you? Oh, you did! Well never mind, I am revealing your lovely nape - it really is much too nice to be covered by any hair at all."

"Yes, I know I did ask for a bob but I hope you haven't cut the back too short"

OK now we start getting serious. "Hold up all that long hair and we'll get the rest down to the skin. Mmmm, I'm going to enjoy this!"

Shouldn't you be on the bowl cut page? "Now tell me again, what does #00000 mean?""

Quite a queue seems to be forming to experience the ultimate clippering.

"Are you sure the only way to get this hair band out of my hair is to go for that look?"

"It certainly is Madam. And you appear to be next."


"Yes I am very happy to cut the back and sides quite short. About half an inch or so would be fine, please"

But sometimes the clippers are just not enough! "OK lady, you did say a SHORT back and sides didn't you?"

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