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Asymmetrical Hairstyles

OK, so what's an asymmetrical hairstyle? Put simply, it's where one side is left longer than the other ... put another way, it's a hairstyle where one siden is cut much shorter than the other! Does it show indecisiveness? I used to think so ... now I'm not so sure <boom boom> :-) No, I believe it shows a brave decision to adopt a stunning and very flattering look and one has only to look at the model above on this oft repeated image (at least on my site!). For my UK readers the lovely actress Lisa Faulkner from Holby City has just adopted a wedge like cut with more than a hint of asymmetry about it - I haven't tracked down any photos of her new look yet but if anyone else has then please send them to me and they will either feature in an update of the page, or the celebrity page ... or both! Right, here are some more variations on the theme ... enjoy ...

Yeah, I'm not sure if the bob shown above is asymmetric ... but isn't it a lovely photo :-)

A slightly different sort of asymmetric look above - fuller, as well as longer on one side.

And a very different - and extreme - asymmetric look here. Is it finished? Who knows, but I would like to think so ... or would I like to pick up the scissors? :-)

OK, I know this one isn't finished but it's such a stunning image I had to include it - thanks Zvi at the Short Hair Enthusiasts Hotline for sharing "during" shots on your site!

And many of the most extreme variations on the theme come from the punk influence ... phew!!

Back to the more "conventional" and commercial variants!

Another two great sequence (above and below) from Eine Haarige Seite, already featured on a tribute page at this site

See, it can be fun to walk into the barbers and ask for a "short back and one side" and walk out looking like this ...

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