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A Tribute to Doerthe and the Bowl Cut

I have always been fascinated by bowlcuts - the origin coming from the shape of the cut, looking like a bowl, and the custom of using "puddling bowls" as a template for the cut for young boys in the past. Some bowlcuts could also classified as short bobs or wedges .... but what's in a nape, oops sorry I meant name!

The contrast between a cap of silky glossy hair sitting above a clippered or shaved nape, often with a short fringe, just looks so damn sexy (in my opinion!). The Queen of the Bowl Cut is without doubt the great friend of our community, Doerthe from Germany. She has tirelessly maintained a couple of Yahoo clubs which discuss the look, and she share photos of herself sporting a variety of wonderful styles. The clubs are Bowlcut Queen Doethe and Severe Female Helmet Haircuts. Understandably she wishes to maintain the copyright on her own delightful images and hence none of her original photos are reproduced on my site. However she has been gracious enough to allow me to use a few photos which have been modified by her friend Wolfe (who has his own site) to give a taster of what you can find at her clubs. These are reproduced below - and, to see many more, including the originals - pop along to her clubs. What then follows here are some other fave bowlcuts that I've admired. And if that's enough we have the promise that, coming soon, we will have a site dedicated to Bowl Cuts. Can't wait!!

For other sites that include piccies of Bowl Cuts, or similar, then you could pop along to

So first of all we have a set of modified images, courtesy of Doerthe and Wolfe

And now we come to a few of my faves, starting with a compendium of bowls, bobs, wedges ... and napes ...

"OK Guv' it's a fair cop. I'll come quietly. I confess - this page is just another excuse to show lots of NAPES!!!" :-)

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