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Celebrity Haircuts

Celebrities often start a new trend by changing their hairstyle, either because they want to or because of a film or TV role. I could mention the "Rachel" cut - but I won't. But think of Meg Ryan, Demi Moore and Sharon Stone (above - great actress, wonderful haircut and brilliant photo) all of whom have changed their looks dramatically over the years. In the UK at the moment we have supermodel Kate Moss as the great white hope - she recently lopped off her long locks into a very attractive 'wedge' cut. The media has been full of it, and predicting an unprecedented rush to the hairdressers by long-haired girls looking for a new look. Sadly the evidence has been slight at this stage, but we live in hope! For the UK there is a great site known as TV Hair UK to view the hair of some of our local celebrities. Anyone know of similar sites?

So, on this page I show a few of my favourite celebrity styles. I hope you like them.

Juanita Phillips

Juanita is a presenter on CNN in Europe. For some time I have admired her absolutely immaculate hair usually while eating breakfast in my hotel room ... er, let's get this clear I'm eating breakfast and she's on TV ... er, that's appearing on TV and not on top it. The photos below show her with a number of variations on the asymmetrical bob which, as one of my very good friend's knows, is a look I rate very highly. She currently sports a delectable textured crop for which I have been unable locate any photos. Any contributions gratefully accepted!

Kate Moss

Supermodel Kate Moss recently cut her long hair into a delightful short wedge cut ... well OK the nape could do with a little more attention but I think she looks wonderful. Any more photos of her new look that anyone can contribute will quickly find there way here!

So if we look back at Kate before the cut, do we feel regret at the loss of all that hair ... well perhaps a little ... but, then again, perhaps not :-)

Lesley Ash

Lesley Ash, perhaps best known for her role in the brilliant UK TV comedy series Men Behaving Badly, has gone through a whole range of hairstyles - from very short to very long - and they all suit her and she always looks stunning (well, apart from a current TV series in which she has a rather hum-drum chin length bob, but we'll leave that aside for now). She has appeared in many TV series and films over the last 20 years or so ... I first remember her in a long forgotten series sporting a very fetching blonde, spiky crop. In MBB she had long hair at one point and then appeared in the next series with a beautiful inverted bob (or 'wedge' if Trevor Sorbie is to be believed). The photo below shows an even more abbreviated look (and a very abbreviated skirt!) which I don't remember seeing before. Any contributions to the Lesley gallery - especially with short hair - will be very well received!

Sarah Greene

And finally (for now) another fave from UK TV is the presenter Sarah Greene. Like Lesley, another to go through a whole gamut of different styles over the years, some long and some short. I first saw her as a presenter on the kid's show Blue Peter with a somewhat boring shoulder length style. As she moved away from the kiddies so her hairstyle grew up. In the early 80s she had an amazing look - spiky on top, and short at the sides, with length at the back (No Sabrina, it didn't look anything like a Mullet, so don't worry ;-) I've not yet been able to track down a photo from that era. Here we see her in more recent times with what is, I believe, her current look - a rather fetching crop ... which, to be perfect, only needs a little attention to the nape with the clippers :-)

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