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Celebrity Haircuts IV

Eve Threlkeld

A fourth page of celebrity short haircuts and again dedicated to one presenter with a delightful haircut, Eve Threlkeld. I don't know a great deal about her other than she is a presenter on one the the UK satellite channels, and as you will see from the above she has recently cropped her hair ... and not before time I hear at least some of you say. Even so it has been a tad too long at times resulting in wispy, flicking out ends (no doubt the stylist's intention but we could find a cure for that couldn't we :-) and in one photo below she even managed to ... no, I'll let you see as I find it difficult to describe ... I have the words, but they just won't come out! But overall, like Kate Sanderson, another great ambassador on TV for lovers of short hair. I hope you agree.