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Sean O'Hare's Wonderful World of Hair


Once again Roberta has kindly sent me some more photos of her recent haircut which she is happy for me share with you. A delightful variation of her bobbed look showing the versatilty of her great style ... not to mention the beauty of her lovely nape! For more information then pop along to her page at Roberta.

Thank you once again Roberta, also to Rapunzel who has also sent along some new piccies for this update, and the three other new contributors for this update. If anyone else would like their napes or those of their partners exposed to the world (!!) then please send them along for a future update.


The whole site has been moved to its new, hopefully permanent, home. If you find any problems, particularly with links, then please let me know as there has needed to be significant work to restore the site. And don't forget to bookmark this new location.



And if this hasn't been enough for you then you may wish to look at some of my favourite links UPDATED

Important note: Many of the photos you will find here have been copied from other sites. If you own the copyright on any of the images used, and you would like to see them credited or prefer to see them removed, then please contact me immediately. And of course, if anyone has any original photos they wish to donate then please send them to me and I promise to make space on these pages for all to enjoy. Thanks to the many friends of this site who have made contributions to this site for sharing amongst the community.

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