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Ponytails Away!

This page shows some very determined looking female stylists happily hacking at away at mountains of hair. The one above looks happiest - well , she's already on number 5 for the morning ... I wonder if she gets paid by the inch?

"Ahhhhh, I do love my work so much. Such lovely thick hair you had."

"Er - had? But I only want a trim ..."

"What? Well you could have told me you wanted it styled as well!"

"Don't cry, I'll give you a bob just like mine!"

"Hmmm, we're getting there, but I don't think it falls quite right for the ultimate asymmetric style. Where's the clippers ...?"

I can't think of a caption this one!

"So this is where you want me to cut is it ... damn, I slipped, and cut it off at the nape instead. Sorrreeeee ..."

"Right that's the worst off, now I'm going to enjoy giving you a damn good cropping ... just like mine!"

"Hee hee hee, which one of my friends did you cut that from?"

"Quick, quick, hold it tight while I cut it off. It's just the right colour for me to repair my sleeves."

"Thanks darling, you're going to make my day" (and yes, most of it did go!)

"And can you texture the ends and put it in a ponytail afterwards so it looks just like yours."

"It certainly IS time!

"You're right, this is going to hurt you much more than it hurts me!"

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