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The Caption Competition

Welcome to those of you with a competitive streak. On this page I propose having a little competition. I present a photo and you provide suggestions concerning what the caption should be.The rules are as follows:

  1. The competition will start and end at precise times ... which I'll arbitrarily decide
  2. The winner is selected democratically ... by me
  3. And the prize is ... well, er, nothing at all, other than to see your caption on this web page
  4. There is to be no ... more rules

Thanks to everyone for the recent captions. I'm never quite sure whether to include the names of contributors. So if you would like to be referenced - by your name or e-mail - the just let me know. OK Elaine? :-) So who's winning so far - I think it is probably neck and neck - or should that be nape and nape - between Sabrina and Elaine. So we better have another round hand't we (although entries can be provided for earlier rounds) ...

And for Round 4 of the competition. A stylist is making effective use of a her clippers ...

So far we have:

So this is Round 3 of the competition. We have a stylist sawing through a ponytail ...

So far we have:

So this is Round 2 of the competition. Again we have two barberettes doing their stuff ...

So far we have:

The first round of the competition shows one barberette's haircut by another (and, yes, my friend out there the picture will stay!!)

So far we have:

So, please send any suggestions to And, if you have a photo for a future competition then send that a long too!

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