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Hair on the Web - news from the frontline

I guess the worst piece of news over recent weeks has been the demise of the Message Board on the SHE site and at the Catwalk Salon. These were central points of reference for many things to do with hair and will be much missed. Having said that I fully endorse the reasons behind their decisions. We're here for fun aren't we, so if some of the minority are taking that away from guys who are bringing so much to the coimmunity then they must take appropriate steps. I think the majority of say to Apryl, Zvi and the people keep up the excellent work and, as we say in the UK, don't let the buggers grind you down!!

Well, most importantly we have the results of the August competition at the Haircut Story Archive where yours truly came

OK, so what else has been happening. Well a promising new site The Salon Window has been updated. Some interesting cutting pictures amongst some other nic shots


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