Styles of Yesteryear

This section of the site has been created to feature hairstyles of the past. Inspired by the The Family Way series of stories I have been writing with Sabrina S. Initially it featured a whole page dedicated to the beautiful actress of the period, Louise Brookes. I also received a contribution from Alan, a regular visitor to the site, comprising a wonderful series of prints from the 1930s. I have now extended it to the 1980s with piccies scanned from books that I recently discovered. I hope to fill in some of the other decades in due course.
Please let me know if you share my interest in featuring such styles which are represented so poorly on the Internet. And, as with all sections, all contributions will be gratefully received from magazines and books of your favourite periods.

The 1920s

Louise Brookes One

The 1930s

Prints of 1930s hairstyles One

The 1960s

Updos - the arrival of the beehive One NEW

The 1980s

The Golden Era of short hairstyles One
Three NEW
Perms - well, some of the more successful ones One
Long Hair - glossy, layered and permed One
Updos - for when long hair became just too much One
Bobs - timeless, and with some interesting variations One
Makeovers - some models brought into the decade One