A Short History of Hair

On this page I aim to give a brief summary of the various ways in which hair can be worn. I guess we should start with long hair. The sort of hair so many women are alleged to lust after. The sort of hair that takes years and years to grow. The sort of hair that takes hours and hours to look after. The sort of hair that takes seconds to ... oops, getting a little ahead of myself there.

Certainly long hair can be a wonderful sight to behold. Whatever the length, if it is in great condition and suits the woman, then she should be proud to wear her hair long

But long hair is not for every woman. Perhaps it doesn't suit her, perhaps there's a desire for a new style ... or perhaps there's some deeper reason that she wants it to go. Whatever, if the desire is there, a girl just has to sit patiently while her hair is gathered into a ponytail, the stylist gets out her scissors and asks "Are you sure?" and, smiling sweetly, say
"Yes, please chop it all off!"

But for some, this decision doesn't come easily. However once in the chair, the stylist is in charge! So what choice does a girl have but to close her eyes and grit her teeth while the stylist explains
"Brace youself Madam, it's all coming off!"

Can you imagine how much better this woman is feeling now that the weight of all that hair has been removed, with perhaps more to come?
"Higher, higher!"

Once the bulk of the hair has been removed the stylist can really go to work now with her scissors and produces sensational styles like this...

Or perhaps something a little shorter ...

Or shorter still ...

But if these styles are still too long then just ask the stylist to run the clippers up the back and sides for a sharp, cool crop

"Clippers?" you ask. "Aren't they just used on men's hair?". Not at all! Hairclippers aren't sexist - they can be happily used to remove a lady's hair very efficiently. Just like this ...

And leave the back and sides nicely cleared of all that bothersome hair ...

So putting it all together. We have a an attractive young lady with somewhat questionable long, dark hair. We provide her with a very smart cape and provide the stylist with some very efficient looking clippers. We bring the two together and the stylist quickly chops off half the hair and then goes to work with the clippers. I wonder if the young lady is considering if this was such a good idea with half her clipped away and the rest still long. No matter, as she has little think as the back and the other side are buzzed too leaving her with a beautiful haircut. Do you think she asksed for the clippers to be used?

It seems that some women enjoy the feel of the clippers so much that they go to the barber and say
"SHAVE it all off please"

A bald head certainly doesn't suit every women - or even very many women in my opinion although Demi Moore comes to mind ... frequently ;-) But the woman above certainly looks attractive, despite her rather bemused expression. But the barber seems to have enjoyed his task ... and is the other woman at the head of the queue to succumb to the clippers?

I hope you've enjoyed my Short History of Hair - or should that be a History of Short Hair.

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