The Red Crop Page

On this page we shall explore the wonders of red hair. This page is dedicated to RedCrop ... and only she knows why :-) .

As we've already seen long, red hair can look lovely ...

... but this page will cover rather shorter looks. So let's get cutting that lovely red hair, especially around the nape, and get on with the show.

So we start with a nice textured crop. Nice and short over the ears but perhaps not quite red enough? But doesn't she have a lovely nape.

A more current look with beautiful red highlights ... and look at that gorgeous, never ending nape

A classic, but slightly asymmetrical, look. Colour and condition you could die for ... and an attractive short nape as well

And now we have a beautiful look first seen on the wonderful Sabrina Scissors' House of HaircuttingGorgeous colour and style ... and just look at that nice, tight nape

Or perhaps a nice, neat crop and - just for a change - this style has a rather beautifully cut nape

But if all the above seem a little tame then really go to town on the colour, with a lovely shade of red on those spiky ends ... and a neatly cropped nape

Alternatively a nice simple bob may be the way to go ... but it really should have a clippered nape to keep it looking neat

And if still undecided, we have a selection of fashionable looks with some beautifully applied colour ... and, boys and girls, just how short do you think those napes are cut?

I hope you have all enjoyed this little foray into the world of red cropped hair ... and especially to Redcrop who I wish all the best for her next appointment

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