What is this site all about?

The lovely picture above was found at the wondeful HairWeAreSecrets site

Thanks for dropping by. For those that don't know me - and even for those that do - my name's Sean O'Hare. This site is dedicated to exploring the fascinating world of hair ... particularly women's hair - be it long, medium or short. I hope you find something here of interest to you.

You may have read some of my hair-related stories in the past through which I've tried to explore my fascination with hair and haircutting. The stories, along with many others, have been been made available by Chris (a thousand thank yous) and can be found at The Haircut Story Archive.

But of course there are many other hair sites that I have visited since finding I wasn't the only one in the world intrigued by this subject. Not only have I enjoyed the pictures and the words, but I have also made many friends. This page is dedicated to all the wonderful people I have had contact with over the last few years, and of course all the stylists who style the hair ... and, of course, all the women who have their hair styled!

Before you explore the rest of this site, I just wanted to say that many of the photos you will find here have been copied from other pages. If you own the copyright on any of the images used, and you would like to see them credited or prefer to see them removed, then please contact me immediately and they will be deleted. And of course, if anyone has any original photos they wish to donate then please send them to me and I promise to make space on these pages for all to enjoy. Thank you Nancy for starting the ball rolling

Take care