My Stories

On this page I've gathered my own stories and those I have written in collaboration with others, all of whom I would like to thank sincerely for all the fun we have writing them. I would also like to thank Chris of The Haircut Story Archive for his tireless work at tidying up the layout of my stories. Most of those below are copied from his site as I can't improve on what he's done. His site remains THE place to go for stories!

Only second, eh! Am I upset? Of course not (grrrrr! :-) ) as we then collaborated on our first story together which we had great fun writing and is my personal favourite

And then we wrote another story together - or novella as some have rather cheekily described our extended exploration of the female haircut - and we had even more fun writing this one and it has even more jokes than The Living Haircut. So Witches is now my personal favourite

And then we wrote yet another story together - or "War and Peace" as someone described our futuristic (or is it?) study of the female haircut - and, believe it or not, we had even more fun writing this one than the other two ... and it has even more jokes, as well as some songs and, well, everything really. So Haircut Heaven is now my personal favourite

And, guess what, we then wrote a further story together - and, surprisingly, it was shorter than the previous collaborations ... but not by too much! This was written in October 2000 as we saw the Christmas season approaching - you know how it is, we just just couldn't wesist ...

And, then we decided NOT to write another story together - we decided to write a whole series of stories together called The Family Way. Each episode is shorter than our previous collaborations. But will the whole series be shorter? Who knows! We're hoping the local Yorkshire, England dialect doesn't cause too many problems for our readers - after all period dramas from the North-East seem popular all around the world.

And, then we decided we would write another short (yes, short!) story together.

And, then we decided we would write yet another short(ish) story together.

And another short(ish) story

And now back to the War and Peace efforts with a new story based wholly based on British bureaucratic blundering and loosely (very loosely!) based on the hilarious British 1980s UK sitcom Yes Prime Minister

And we've continued with some shorter stories ...

And now a new ongoing saga featuring two new characters - Steph and Steve ...

One of my most enjoyable story writing experiences has been my collaborations with English Rose. Firstly the trilogy:

And then there was:

And now we have my very own stories, starting with ...